Servers are the life blood of any company.  Typically, all databases, transactions, data backup, data storage and operating systems are managed on a company server.  When your server goes down, your company goes down.  Remware specializes in data recovery, data transfer, email & database recovery, and cloud virtualization.  Remware can also install and setup new servers to handle your growing business.  With Remware, you can efficiently save, recover, and destroy data which can be crucial to the success of your business.

Remware can also safely and securely handle server backup and data destruction.  We specialize in offsite server support as well as onsite server support.  We can monitor your operating systems, hardware repairs, and provide diagnostics and firewalls to protect your data.  We can customize your existing hardware and software with upgrades and optimization.  Remware offers Virus/Spyware/Malware/Adware monitoring and removal.  We also track your software license compliance and renewal dates.  Our Level III system engineers specialize in vulnerability analysis and corrupt file removal.  We also provide service to avoid and repair a operating system crash or virus.


  • Full System Diagnostics
  • Remote Tech Support
  • Email & Database Recovery
  • Off‐site Backup
  • Cloud Computing
  • Emergency Service
  • Onsite Support
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Data Transfer

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