Remware Computer Systems was started in 1986 by our chief engineer and programmer Mario Wilson. Mario spent 4 years in the military as a crew chief of a F15 fighter jet. He then went on to building and programming computer systems for the financial industry. Remware’s heritage is built on a diverse level of experience with all aspects of the information and technology industry. Remware has level III technicians overlooking project. Level III technicians are the highest level and have the most knowledge and expertise available.


Remware utilizes the most experienced technicians when providing project management or support to our clients. Our wide range of experience gives you the advantage when you are in need of PC/Workstation, Printer, Copier, Servers, Network support, or installations. All of our projects are bid in advance and have no hidden fees. You only pay for what you need.


We have spent over 30 years maintaining IT systems, providing IT support, and developing software solutions for our clients. We have performed successful projects for the medical, financial, and legal industries. A recent project involved moving a department of the largest healthcare provider’s staff from one building to another. This required disconnecting, packing, and reconnecting multiple devices. Another current project developing new state-of-the-art transaction processing software and hardware for a large retail client.


We can configure your networks, workstations, servers correctly the first time. This minimizes any ongoing maintenance costs. In short our “job” is to save you money! We take on all our projects from your perspective in order to build solutions and services that save you money and headaches. We can increase your system’s uptime. Our tech’s are trained to assist you with minimal little disruption to your daily business and staff.


We strive to help improve or provide a stable technology infrastructure that you can rely on. We help business owners develop a solid foundation and IT backbone so you can be successful. If you have software or networking needs we can help.